Fill Dirt

Fill Dirt: Consisting of Georgia red clay. Great for filling in areas or raising up natural areas for low cost. May contain rocks and clumps

Screened Fill Dirt: Screened version of fill dirt that is screened through a 1/2 inch screener. This is your choice if you are working by hand or need a cleaner dirt

Screened Top Soil

Screened Top Soil: Native soil containing organic material. In Georgia that means clay soil with decomposing leaves and wood debris that create a brown mineral soil. Great for final leveling and sod preparation.

PLS Top PickPLS Top Pick

Gardener’s Choice: PLS's special blend of topsoil, organic compost, soil conditioner and sand. Perfect for filling raised garden beds needing nutrition and water retention.

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Pine Bark Fines(Soil Conditioner) : Used as as a soil conditioner to help loosen hard and compact soils such as georgia red clay. Also used as a soil additive for plants needing extra acidity such as blueberries and azaleas.


Organic Compost : Composed of 100% natural organic materials, this compost improves the texture and structure of your soil while adding necessary nutrients.