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Size: Regular, Thick
Color: Tan/Beige and Blue/Grey

Great for patios and walkways

Rubble Strip
Size: Varied lengths
Color: Brown/Beige or Grey

Used for lining landscaped areas

Stair Treads
Size: 36" and 48" lengths available
Color: Tan/Beige

Used as steps or ledges in landscaped areas

Field Stone -Stack
Size: Thin, Regular, Thick
Color: Natural Grey

Decorative wall stone

River Rock Pallets
Size: Small, Medium, Large
Color: Tan/Beige

Availiable in flat or round

Mexican Beach Pebbles
Size: 1" to 2", 2" to 3", 3" to 5"
Color: Deep Grey

Available in bags or pallets depending on size

River Rock Bulk
Size: 3 " to 10 "
Color: Tan/Beige

Dry creek bed or pond material, sold in bulk


Egg Rock
Size: 3/4 " to 2"
Color: Tan/Beige


River Stone

# 57 River Pebbles
Size: 3/8 " to 1"
Color: Tan/Beige

Used as a decorative stone, in walkways or flower beds etc...

pea Gravel

PLS Top PickPLS Top Pick

Pea Gravel
Size: 1/4" to 5/8 "
Color: Tan/Beige

Great for walk ways and other landscape areas.

Indiana Pea
Size: .25" to 3/8"
Color: Grey/Tan


Red Rock - Medium
Size: 3/8 " to 1 "
Color: Red/Black


Slate Chips - Medium
Size: 5/8" to 2"
Color: Grey



# 57 Granite
Size: 1 to 1.5 inch
Color: Gray

Good for driveways and drainage areas.


Crusher Run
Size: Sand/Gravel mix
Color: Gray

Used to establish driveways. Great at decreasing erosion in difficult areas.


Available in assorted sizes