Mulching serves several purposes. It provides temperature control for the soil, helps to retain moisture, reduces weeds, protects plants from disease and when organic mulch is used, it improves the soil texture, adds nutrients and encourages earthworms.

Cypress Mulch
Cypress Mulch Blend : A popular mulch for those looking for a light yellow color. This mulch contains a minimum of 80% pure cypress blended with other natural wood pulp to provide an affordable premium mulch. The fresh cypress contains oils that naturally deter bugs while also providing a longer lasting product due to its naturally slower decomposition.  
Cypress Chips
PLS Top PickPLS Top Pick

Playground Cypress Chips: This is our premium certified Playground Mulch, required for school or daycare playgrounds. Also used for pathway mulch, this mulch provides a long lasting material that drains and dries quicker than most mulches slowing decomposition. Like our Cypress Mulch Blend this product contains a minimum of 80% pure cypress. Although cypress is not required as a material in playground mulch, we believe this product is far superior to other certified product due to our overwhelming feedback from our government and professional customers.


Deco Brown

Decorative Brown: Shredded wood with a dark Brown biodegradable dye added for color.

Decorative Red
  Decorative Red: Shredded wood with a Red biodegradable dye added for color.  
Decorative Black
Decorative Black : Shredded wood with a Black biodegradable dye added for color.  
Premium Hardwood Blend : A double ground product with some variation in sizes throughout. Works well on hills or any other mulching area providing water retention within and below covered area.  
  Single Ground Hardwood Blend: With one less grind than our premium hardwood, this mulch contains a wider spectrum and more coarse mulch size. This is the best choice when dealing with more aggressive slopes.  
Large Nuggets
Large Pine Bark Nuggets: Large 2.5 to 6 inch bark pieces that provide long lasting mulch.. A heavy textured mulch providing a very natural look to a landscape.  
Mini Nuggets

Mini Pine Bark Nuggets: Very popular look with small bark chips. Taken from pine trees this mulch allows for a different look than most fiber based mulches. Easy to work with and to apply. Contains .5 inch to 2.5 inch bark pieces.

Wood Chips

Wood Chips: Local chipped wood. Various types of wood and may include sticks and greenery.

Screened Wood Chips: Screened version of wood chips. Our screening machine removes larger wood pieces including sticks and debris.


Long Leaf P ine Straw: Very common in the southeast. As a groundcover pine straw can be used to cover large areas of landscape at an affordable price. The reddish brown color also offers great contrast with most plants and shrubs.