Common Questions

Q How is your product sold?

A We sell some of our product by volume and some by weight. For example our mulch is priced by the cubic yard while some rock is priced by the ton or pound.

Q Can I purchase less than a cubic yard or ton?

A Yes. We are able to sell quantities less than a cubic yard and lighter than a ton.

Q What is a cubic yard?

A A cubic yard is equivalent to twenty seven cubic feet.

Q How much area will a cubic yard cover?

A A cubic yard of mulch will cover approximately 100sqft @ 3 inches while soil may cover approximately 90sqft due to compaction

Q How much product can you deliver in a single load?

A We are able to deliver 20 cubic yards of mulch in a single delivery. For sand and rock we are able to deliver 7 tons.

Q If I want to pick up product how much will my personal truck hold?

A A small pickup will carry about 1 to 1.5 cubic yards of mulch. A standard size truck may hold 2 cubic yards of mulch with extended beds carrying more. Soil, sand and rock is limited by weight and normally ranges from .5 to 2 cubic yards for heavy duty trucks. Trailors are welcome as well and depend on size and weight capacity